Why are we willingly agreeing to be unhappy?

I challenge people on a daily basis on their way of thinking and not because I think what they do is wrong. I just want to know what drives them. What makes them follow the same patterns day in and day out.

I had a discussion about work-life balance the other day and again I was stunned by the response of people.

Work and life balance for them were “can't wait for Friday” and “I just want to do my hours and get out”. How is that a balance?

Some will say that they will live their life when they retire. They don’t really like their job but it pays well and you know, the new car, the big house, have to finance that somehow. You probably think that I am talking about someone in their late 50, unfortunately, no, these are people in their early 30.

I shared my view of work and life balance that as much as you want to go home you want to work and the passion and energy is equal for both.

You probably can guess what they said: “that doesn’t happen or if it does then it is rare”.

When have we started to accept the work unhappiness as a new normal?

So I will continue to ask the question”Why?”

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