What is wrong with this company?

Company struggles to find employees that would last. They are quick to hire but weeks later the employees leave. Most leave because they say that it is too much stress, some leave for other company in the same industry but some just don't turn up for work after just weeks in the job.

The manager is stressed and frustrated. Employees who are left in the company are told to be quiet about their intention to leave as the senior managers would consider this as a lack of loyalty. 

Desperation kicks in between managers and now they are willing to hire whoever comes in the door just to keep the business going.

This pattern continues again and again and managers struggle to understand why.

Do you know why this company struggles to keep its employees?

  • Lack of direction in the company is one of the common causes for employees to leave and have the feeling that they don't belong. Imagine that you start working in the company that has high demands for your performance but then fails to give you proper training and asks you to hang in there until things improve without giving you an actual overview of what is it that you are hanging in for and why people are leaving. The company then has little time for you as business and customers are the priority due to profit demand from higher management. How long will you stay? Some company's demand loyalty from you without explaining first why you should be loyal. Loyal to what? Giving a paycheck to an employee on time is great but if that is the only thing that company has to cultivate loyalty it will not last.

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