FAQ: I would love to travel more, but money is a constraint.

  • The first thing I would suggest is to plan out your holiday with a great detail and write down all the possible expenses you might have. Don't forget to add a bit extra in case of unforeseen circumstances. After you have done the calculations you now have a number or let's call it a goal that you are working towards. Now let's break the goal down into smaller steps and see where we can we begin. It is very important that you make the first step towards your goal on the day, no matter how small it is, as it will create a momentum.

  • So, we have worked the budget and the steps we need to take to get to our goal. Depending on your travel plan it could take many months or even longer but if you do something every day or week that take you closer to it you will feel that it is achievable.

  • You would ask, how to save if money is tight already? I would suggest to start off with everyday things that you buy. Do you really need that coffee in the city or can you set that money aside for your goal? You start small and soon enough you will think twice about buying something that you might necessarily need as by giving up the small pleasures will get you closer to your goal. 

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